Monday, May 7, 2012

In Love

As I sit and dream about the blissfulness of loving you,

The moonlight begins to glisten off your eyes, as I look deep into your inner soul.

Your eyes, they twinkle like the stars in the sky on a clear night.

I hold your hands and pull you near,

And as we close our eyes,

Suddenly, I see you and I standing and staring at the oceans blue.

And as the waves crash the beachfront,

I can’t help but to think of spending eternity with you.

My heart adjoined to yours, as two souls become one.

What a day in paradise that would be.

And as I am still holding you close,

The passion in you makes me feel so good inside.

Kind of like a kid on Christmas with a new toy.

Nightfall comes as we share our blissfulness on the ocean front,

And as the gentle breeze begin to blow from the ocean abroad,

You begin to shiver, but not from the chill of the air.

You shiver because your heart is longing to be with me,

And your every thought of us not being together, sends a chill through you soul.

But rest assured my love,

I will cherish you and be there for you until the end of time.

For my love for you is like infinity, never ending,

And my heart pours out nothing but the sweet juices of love for you.

I want to love you sensually, spiritually, and in the physical.

For you are my fire and I desire and longing to be a part of your true love.

And as we open our eyes and we leave our mental love journey,

All that is left is you and I standing, holding hands.

As you look me in my eyes, I lean over and gently kiss your soft lips.

You become as warm butter in my hands.

It was then I knew I was in love!

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton

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