Monday, May 7, 2012

For Your Eyes Only

Close your eyes.

Now, let's go on this mental journey into my heart.

Let me hold your hand and guide you to this place in my heart called happiness.

Within this place, you can find all of my love and joy for you.

It is here, you can find the passion I have for you.

And here is where you can see just how much you complete me,

And because of you, I am a whole man .

For me there can be no substitute's for your love.

You're my drug and I'm addicted to you.

And right now I'm yearning for some of your love.

So please come give me a dose of you.

I want you to feel my sensuality for you.

I want you to know every sensual thoughts I have in my heart.

I want to touch your beautiful soul, with the words from my mouth and the meditation in my heart.

Now let me consume your every thoughts of me.

And in return, I will endow your heart and mind with visions of me holding you.

Can you feel my warmth?

I feel your tremble.

I can feel your shiver.

I can feel you are afraid to let go and love because you are afraid of being hurt.

Let me assure you that I love you and would never bring you heart harm.

For you will forever be a part of me, and I a part of you.

And as the sun's ray shine brightly abroad the ocean as it rises

So does your love shine on me when you're near.

Without you, my heart is as cold as ice,

But with you, I'm as warm as the stars are bright.

And now that you know how I truly feel and where you are in my heart,

There is only one thing left for me to say to you.

Now open your eyes and look into mine

For I want to tell you I am FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

Miguel “A Poetic State of Mind” Keaton

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