Monday, May 7, 2012

The Art of Making Love

Let me introduce you to the art of making love.

No you won't need a paint brush or paint.

Just a mind of eroticism and the pure pleasure of making love.

Come closer and let me undress you with my eyes.

Mmmm look at that sexy silhouette,

I begin looking at you in the most sensual way.

I touch you softly and whisper poetry in your ear.

I begin to mind fuck you because I know that the only way to your true nectar is through your sensuality.

I know you want me baby, because our minds and hearts have become one in this heat of the moment.

And don't worry, I'm going to give it to you, because what you see is what you get.

And as the undressing with my eyes become reality,

I can't help but to think about your pulsating clit,

As I put these big juicy lips around your pussy.

Oh yea baby, I can taste your sweet, sweet juices.

And as my tongue becomes intertwined with your clit,

Your juices begin to flow like a raging river which engulfs my face.

Then you tell me you like it doggy style.

So I turned you over.

And as I insert my erotic stick into your forbidden place,

You scream “OH SHIT, fuck this pussy you bald headed motherfucka you.”

I begin pounding that pussy.

Your moans and scream become louder.

You say harder, harder.

I pound harder and harder.

I say who's pussy is this?

You scream in a much louder octave, “YOU BIG DADDY.”

I say give me this pussy.

You say take this pussy

You say give it to me big daddy,

I say I'm gonna give it to you.

Your fuck faces are turning me on.

I say oh yes.

You say “I'm cumming, I'm cumming.”

Oh shit, oh shit......Ahhhhh

And my erotic stick as my paint brush,

And my cum my paint,

Call me Michael Angelo, because I just painted your walls with my juices.

And like the famous portrait of the Mona Lisa,

I left your pussy PRICELESS!!!

Miguel “Mr. Nasty Man” Keaton

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