Monday, May 7, 2012

Let Me Borrow Your Mind

Let me borrow your mind for a minute,

As I take you on this romantic, mental love journey.

Let me control your thoughts with my words.

Can I own your thoughts for a minute?

I whisper in your ear and tell you I love you.

I speak to your heart in the most sensual way.

Come put your hands on my chest.

Can you feel my heart’s beat?

It longs for your love,

It longs to love your most intimate thoughts.

Now put your hands in mine and let me take you on this romantic escapade.

Let me take your mind on a true love journey.

Imagine you and I standing and holding each other,

Can you see it? Can you see me holding you close to me?

Can you feel my warmth?

I can feel you trembling.

I can tell you want my love, so don’t be scared to ask for it,

For my love is real and it can be all yours, if you want it.

Baby, for you my love is forever true.

Now listen close as I tell you I want to touch your heart with my words.

I want to manipulate your mind, body and soul with my love for you.

You know it feels real good to be loved by someone whose love is for real.

And you tell me my voice caresses your soul when I speak to you,

So I want to say I love you.

I want to spend every intimate moment with you.

But I don’t only want to caress your body,

I want to caress your heart with the passion with in my soul.

Sometimes I just want to sit back and admire the beauty that God has created in you

And I think to myself and say that I am truly blessed.

And after He created you, He broke the mold, making you a one of a kind.

Like a rare diamond, you’re flawless.

A perfect mold made for me.

And when I think about when we’re together,

I know that our mental love journey seems to be never ending.

That’s because my love for you is never ending.

And when you’re not in my arms,

I want to be in your thoughts and on your mind and in your heart,

Knowing that just for one minute,

You let me borrow your mind and control your thoughts, with the words from my heart.

I manipulated your heart, mind, body and soul,

And now you know that I love you.

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton

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