Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Thought I Didn't Know

You Thought I Didn't Know

You thought I didn't know about the lies you told.

And how you kept secrets from me, and the fake love you showed.

And when your phone beeped and you said that you'd call me back,

Thought I didn't know it was that other man, and to me you'd never get back.

Thought I didn't know I wasn't the only one you were making love to.

I wasn't born last night, oh no baby, I'm not a damn fool.

Thought I didn't know about the phone calls and texts late at night,

And then how you would want to argue fuss and fight.

How could you leave the one who truly loves you, I just don't understand.

And somehow you find it in you to still call me your man.

And yet you say you love me and you want to keep me near,

Well I'm sorry to say, but my love has already started to fade for you my dear.

I often come home not knowing what to do or say,

Not know for you, if today was a good or bad day.

When I'm around you, its like standing on egg shells, which I try not to break.

And I'm tired of walking around here with this hurtful heartache.

Thought I didn't know that you like to leave me confused,

And watch you walk around here with a little smurk on your face, like you were really amused.

But I knew all along, I wasn't the only one.

I wanted to win you over, I wanted to be your sun.

I wanted to be the one who could always make you smile.

And I wanted to be the one who, to you, made life worth while.

I wanted to be your morning, afternoon, evening and night,

And alas when we made love, I wanted to hold you real tight.

But I guess you're gonna know that now I am really gone.

No I won't be there giving love to you when you come home.

And yes I will miss your hugs and kisses, they sure were nice,

But now all I can offer is friendly advice.

The next time a real man comes your way, be true to yourself and him and tell no lies,

Or you will always find yourself by yourself, asking yourself why.

A good friend I was and a good friend I'll be,

But you can never have back the love and affection that was apart of me.


Miguel “A Poetic State of Mind” Keaton

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Cry

I cry real tears of sadness, when I hear a child has died,

When children disrespects their parent because they lied,

Sometimes at life I fail, but the Lord knows I've tried

I cried

I cry real tears because of this insanity,

Being committed against humanity,

And I ask myself, how could this be,

That the man in me shed so many tears that you can't see.

I cry real tears,

Of so many fears,

Of things that are far and things that are near,

Of which you might not understand my tears,

I cry.

For when a woman see a man cry, she knows he human,

And not a fake, but a real true man,

For when he cries, it shows not weakness, but that he has emotions.

And I ask myself how could this be,

That the man in me, shed so many tears that you can't see,

But I do.

But I also cry tears of joy, knowing that I can confide,

Feeling joy and happiness deep inside,

When I shout I love the Lord, my tears of joy I cannot hide,

I cried.

I cry tears of joy when I think of the goodness of others,

Of how we love our father's and our mother's,

And the love and respect for our sister's and our brother's

And its Okay.

For its a real man who can show in his heart he cares,

And has the ability to show love and share's,

Sometimes this unjust world I cannot bare,

With so much hatred and violence everywhere.

And I find myself asking how could this be,

That the man in me shed so many tears that you can't see,

But I do.

But when I cry, my manhood you want to question me,

But when Jesus wept, would you question He,

Who was crucified and died for you and me,

And it he hadn't, then where would we be,

But free,

And for my salvation, tears of joy I cry.

Miguel “A Poetic State of Mind” Keaton

Monday, May 7, 2012


Let me tell you about sensuality.

See, when you can touch that special someone, without touching them,

That’s sensuality.

Let me break it down for you.

See, when you can call that special someone, and just the sounds of you voice turns them on,

That’s sensuality.

When you can tell that special someone how they make you feel when they’re not around,

That’s sensuality.

When the very thought of your presence send chills through their body,

That’s sensuality.

When you can make love to their minds, and not their bodies,

That’s sensuality.

And when you’re in their presence and your every touch makes them quiver,

That’s sensuality.

Soft kisses, gentle whispers in the ear,

That’s sensuality.

You see, when you can penetrate their hearts and minds,

When you can make love to their hearts and minds,

And make them reach that climatic feeling, without the physical touch,

That’s sensuality!

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton

When I’m with you, I get these feelings of happiness.

It’s a feeling of knowing that I’ve truly been blessed.

To hold you near makes me feel so good inside,

I trust my true feelings about you, and in you, I confide.

Just the thought of your touch is oh so sweet,

It’s a feeling inside that can’t be beat.

Like the gentle breeze blowing and the trees begin to sway,

I think about your beautiful smile every single day.

And in my dreams, as I reach out to hold your hands,

My heart is longing and waiting to see you again.

So as I come to an end, with my heart I must confess,

That finding you, I have found happiness.

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton

Sometimes letting someone get close to you, can hurt so bad,

Other times, letting them in, can make you feel real glad.

I was once told never to let her have the key to you heart,

For she could rip your heart apart.

Sometimes, I feel that it is good to have loved and lost,

But often that love can really cost.

But never will I let another get close to me,

True love and happiness, I guess I will never see.

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton

For Your Eyes Only

Close your eyes.

Now, let's go on this mental journey into my heart.

Let me hold your hand and guide you to this place in my heart called happiness.

Within this place, you can find all of my love and joy for you.

It is here, you can find the passion I have for you.

And here is where you can see just how much you complete me,

And because of you, I am a whole man .

For me there can be no substitute's for your love.

You're my drug and I'm addicted to you.

And right now I'm yearning for some of your love.

So please come give me a dose of you.

I want you to feel my sensuality for you.

I want you to know every sensual thoughts I have in my heart.

I want to touch your beautiful soul, with the words from my mouth and the meditation in my heart.

Now let me consume your every thoughts of me.

And in return, I will endow your heart and mind with visions of me holding you.

Can you feel my warmth?

I feel your tremble.

I can feel your shiver.

I can feel you are afraid to let go and love because you are afraid of being hurt.

Let me assure you that I love you and would never bring you heart harm.

For you will forever be a part of me, and I a part of you.

And as the sun's ray shine brightly abroad the ocean as it rises

So does your love shine on me when you're near.

Without you, my heart is as cold as ice,

But with you, I'm as warm as the stars are bright.

And now that you know how I truly feel and where you are in my heart,

There is only one thing left for me to say to you.

Now open your eyes and look into mine

For I want to tell you I am FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

Miguel “A Poetic State of Mind” Keaton

When I look into your eyes, I look deep inside,

I’m looking deep down, where your true beauty resides.

Much further than your body, much further than your face,

Deep within your heart is your true beauty’s resting place.

See, it’s the way you show you care and the little things you say,

That’s what makes you so beautiful in such a beautiful way.

Your inner beauty shows just who you really are,

And that beautiful smile of yours out shines the brightest star.

Your beautiful smile warms my heart, like the rays of the sun,

But it’s your inner beauty baby that makes me know you’re the one.

But the outer you is also very beautiful too,

Smile so bright, skin so soft, silky smooth.

You are eye candy baby, and you can’t be beat,

I’ve got a sweet tooth for you, wanna be my treat?

They say true beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

Well I see true beauty in you, come to me and let me hold ya.

So come to me baby and let me look into your heart through your eyes,

Because I know that’s where your true inner beauty lies.

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton