Monday, May 7, 2012


When I look into your eyes, I look deep inside,

I’m looking deep down, where your true beauty resides.

Much further than your body, much further than your face,

Deep within your heart is your true beauty’s resting place.

See, it’s the way you show you care and the little things you say,

That’s what makes you so beautiful in such a beautiful way.

Your inner beauty shows just who you really are,

And that beautiful smile of yours out shines the brightest star.

Your beautiful smile warms my heart, like the rays of the sun,

But it’s your inner beauty baby that makes me know you’re the one.

But the outer you is also very beautiful too,

Smile so bright, skin so soft, silky smooth.

You are eye candy baby, and you can’t be beat,

I’ve got a sweet tooth for you, wanna be my treat?

They say true beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

Well I see true beauty in you, come to me and let me hold ya.

So come to me baby and let me look into your heart through your eyes,

Because I know that’s where your true inner beauty lies.

Miguel "A Poetic State of Mind" Keaton

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