Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Thought I Didn't Know

You Thought I Didn't Know

You thought I didn't know about the lies you told.

And how you kept secrets from me, and the fake love you showed.

And when your phone beeped and you said that you'd call me back,

Thought I didn't know it was that other man, and to me you'd never get back.

Thought I didn't know I wasn't the only one you were making love to.

I wasn't born last night, oh no baby, I'm not a damn fool.

Thought I didn't know about the phone calls and texts late at night,

And then how you would want to argue fuss and fight.

How could you leave the one who truly loves you, I just don't understand.

And somehow you find it in you to still call me your man.

And yet you say you love me and you want to keep me near,

Well I'm sorry to say, but my love has already started to fade for you my dear.

I often come home not knowing what to do or say,

Not know for you, if today was a good or bad day.

When I'm around you, its like standing on egg shells, which I try not to break.

And I'm tired of walking around here with this hurtful heartache.

Thought I didn't know that you like to leave me confused,

And watch you walk around here with a little smurk on your face, like you were really amused.

But I knew all along, I wasn't the only one.

I wanted to win you over, I wanted to be your sun.

I wanted to be the one who could always make you smile.

And I wanted to be the one who, to you, made life worth while.

I wanted to be your morning, afternoon, evening and night,

And alas when we made love, I wanted to hold you real tight.

But I guess you're gonna know that now I am really gone.

No I won't be there giving love to you when you come home.

And yes I will miss your hugs and kisses, they sure were nice,

But now all I can offer is friendly advice.

The next time a real man comes your way, be true to yourself and him and tell no lies,

Or you will always find yourself by yourself, asking yourself why.

A good friend I was and a good friend I'll be,

But you can never have back the love and affection that was apart of me.


Miguel “A Poetic State of Mind” Keaton

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  1. Fabulous write Miguel! Sometimes we connect with those who just don't put into the relationship that the other does... Peace BoSweets