Friday, March 9, 2012

Respect Me

Respect Me

I don't ask for much, just for you to understand,

Respect me and my time and whats at hand.

A simple task that I may need to do,

And I can't get any help from you.

But when you need me, I'm always there,

Even when you think life is so unfair.

I've never turned my back and never said no,

Never said I couldn't nor told you so.

But when I ask for you to understand,

Its always I can't, and never I can.

Now ask yourself, is that fair to me,

But its always about you and that's why you can't see.

All I hear is me, me, me, and my, my, my,

You say its not so, but I can't tell a lie.

The last I checked there was no I in us,

But when I mention it to you there's always a fuss.

So selfish you are and selfish you shall be,

And one day you will find yourself selfish without me.

And you find yourself asking how could this be,

All I asked is that you respect me.

Miguel “A Poetic State of Mind” Keaton

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